Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Want to learn more about Rio+20 ?

Following is a special message from David Woolcombe, president of Peace Child International. This NGO created an educational hub that can help young people, whether they are participating in a Rio+20 simulation or not, to know more about the issues raised at Rio+20.

Dear Friends:
Education & Awareness-raising for Rio+20: 
I am delighted to be able to announce today the launch of our Education Hub for Rio+20:

For the first time, it brings together everything Peace Child has ever published on the Rio Earth Summit Process – - from our  Children’s Edition of Agenda 21:  Rescue Mission : Planet Earth, to our Johannesburg update: Rescue 2002, our Copenhagen briefing:Energy Revolution – to the 6 new Education Booklets on Sustainable Human Development  we have prepared for Rio+20, loosely based on the UN Human Development Reports and the UNEP Green Economy briefing. All these are created by young people for young people – based on the original UN documents, almost all of which are featured on the Background section of the site.

Our goal is to get every school on the planet to teach their students about the crucial issues addressed by Rio+20: the website Home page starts with seven jargon-free slides that summarise some of the Rio+20 issues, linked to posters outlining some solutions. It goes on to propose ideas for Action:
1.    The UNESCO-supported ‘My City+20’ – Model Rio Earth Summit idea;
3.    A ‘Do it yourself Green Economy Transition Plan’ – for your self – your household – your community – and your Nation.
The site also links to the UN’s Rio+20 sites and its Global Conversation Campaign: The Future We Want. It will, we hope – through the Add section – link to many other great initiatives for action and awareness-raising. Like your’s! Please share your ideas with me, or Simon Howlett, the young webmaster who created the site, at:

Peace Child International has worked continuously on the Rio Earth Summit Agenda since 1992. For us, the road does not end in Rio: it begins again in Rio this June – and continues for the rest of our lives, seeking – struggling – committing – innovating – and energizing our communities and nations for SUSTAINABILITY.  It is truly our generational challenge: and we hope this site will help us all rise to it.

Thank you for sharing news about this site with your network.

David R. Woollcombe, President, Peace Child International
International Director, World Youth Congress  Series on Youth and Sustainable Development