Saturday, February 11, 2012

How can I start my own simulation? - part1

MyCity+20 is a concept as well as an informal platform in order to motivate and support other cities to create their own simulation of Rio+20.

We share a common vision:

Young people take action in the field of sustainable development.

And we give ourselves the following mission:

Young people will be ready to tackle international sustainable development issues by simulating international summits. Young people are also given the opportunity to take action locally on SD issues.

We set for ourselves 3 goals :
1. The youth learn about global SD issues thanks to a simulation of the Rio+20 summit.
2. The youth are given the opportunity to take action in their local community.
3. The youth carry the message that they are ready to be involved in the transition towards a sustainable society.

You like our vision and mission, as well as our goals ? So does UNESCO* :)

You don't know how to start ?
The MyCity+20 team edited two documents, with UNESCO**:
- a "How to start" document, with a step by step approach.

Read them, and you will know how to be added on the map :)

Yours sustainably
/Any question regarding this post ? contact

* The content and outcome of the discussions during the negotiation simulations of the MyCity+20 initiatives and during its preparations do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of UNESCO with respect to the UN Conference on Sustainable Development.
**The draft version is still in the process of being discussed with UNESCO. UNESCO is in the process of endorsing this draft version.

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