Saturday, February 11, 2012

How can I start my own simulation? - part2

Ok, so you contacted us, and you are now on the map, as a blue dot.

Would you rather be a green dot ? It would mean that you moved from "I'm interested" to "Yes, I am running a simulation of Rio+20 !". It is very easy ! Follow these steps :

1. Send us an outline of your plans, as soon as possible. This way, we can be sure we have the same understanding of what MyCity+20 is all about. It should include a short presentation of the organisations which are involved ! The name of your project should either be in the shape of "MyCity+20" or include it. For example "Amsterdam+20", "Kinshasa+20", or "MyCity+20 - Highschool xyz".

2. Send us the details of your communication campaign :
- specific email address in the shape of youcityplus20@. This will be used for us to communicate with you, as well as to add your contact on the map !
- link to your facebook, website, twitter, etc
3.  Congratulations ! You are now added to our working mailing-list, where we connect the different organisers around the world. There, we will discuss what we can build together !

Check the map, you are now a green dot :) You can now call yourself as part of the MyCity+20 movement.

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